Friday, February 1, 2008

The "New Victorians"

From The New York Observer online:

The New Victorians
They Fall in Love, Dear Reader, Buy Strollers, Hire Cooks—Heath, Michelle, Liv, Nicole Join Prissy New Bourgeoisie! ‘We’ve Leaped to Our Parents’ Level of Success Right Away’
More, from the London Times online:
The new Victorians

This will be the “Diner des Tsars”, a sumptuous banquet that will take place in London next month: tickets are £1,500 a pop before you even think about the Louis Roederer Cristal champagne at £1,200 a jeroboam. In the Great Hall guests will tuck into an eight-course banquet prepared by the Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens. Caviar with avocado purée, lobster and artichoke salad, poached turbot with langoustine sauce and chervil gnocchi and many more delicacies are on the menu.
It is a feast fit for a tsar — which is exactly what it was 140 years ago. The Guildhall event is a recreation of a gut-busting blow-out staged in 1867 by Tsar Alexander II, Tsarevich Alexander and Kaiser Wilhelm I in Paris.
It is also a sign of these extraordinary times. This is the elite of a new empire at play, and a solid gold bookmark in the annals of indulgence. Imperial fortunes are once again being made almost overnight, not in the mines of far-flung colonies, but on the trading screens of global banks and the boardrooms of private equity powerhouses. And the epicentre of this plutocracy is London.

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