Monday, December 3, 2007

Course Outline

ENGLISH 206 D1.00
Instructor: S. OGDEN

The Victorian Imprint

Despite or, perhaps, because of the serene regnancy of its titular monarch, the Victorian age was a riot of conflict religious, political, intellectual, social, industrial, familial and, of course, artistic. Our course will experience the contradictions, energies and titanic attainment - for good and ill - of Britain under Queen Victoria through an apposite selection from its enduring literature. The concept of ‘literature’ itself is a case of the range, variety and contradictions of the Age. In our, Second Elizabethan, Age, fiction, poetry and essay are read by almost mutually exclusive populations of reader. The Victorians, quite the contrary, enjoyed all types of literature promiscuously for aesthetic delight, for improvement and for education. Their exemplary names - Darwin, Dickens, Martineau, Marx - have power scarcely diminished, and to a surprising degree the concerns of literary Victorians are the vivid concerns of our own day. For our course, we will read selections from the commendable Longman anthology and one ‘Victorian Novel’ entire and, among other benefits, will be able to better understand the implications of the deep imprints of Victorian England in the nation of Canada today.


Longman Anthology of British Literature, The Victorian Age
Gissing, George, In the Year of Jubilee


10% Attendance and participation
15% Group project
15% Close reading project (1500 words)
25% Term essay (2500 words)
35% Final examination