Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Class Cancelled January 30th

The picture here, from a school in Surrey (Pacific Academy) says all.
One dead-line will change as a consequence: the Group Project Outline is now due in your February 4th or 6th tutorial. Otherwise, all is as it was.
A word regarding the reading schedule in relation to the Final Examination. Beside attending all lectures, the single most effective means of succeeding on the Final Examination is staying on top of the reading schedule. It will, I can say, be all but impossible--absent genius--to do well on the Final without having read smoothly & evenly throughout the Term.
Coming to lecture without having read the material is to be in the fog, interpretively speaking; and as literature studies are a training in extrapolating meaning (be it written, spoken or situational), cramming is all but worthless. On the other side of that coin, reading ahead of lecture (i.e. following the syllabus reading schedule) puts one in excellent position to do well on the Final Examination.
"A word to the wise doth suffice."

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